Safety Is Our Top Priority: 2 Million Man Hours No Lost Time

Safety is all of our responsibility, and nothing is more important than everyone going home at the end of the work day. That’s why we’re extremely proud of our safety director, his safety committee, and every one of our employees who has played a part in helping us reach 2 MILLION man hours with no lost time accidents.

Reaching a milestone like this is a testament to how hard our team has worked to keep safety as a priority on every busy job site. Each year, a safety committee is formed which consists of our safety director and four employees. They review and update our safety manual and search for new ways to utilize technology on the job site. We heavily use our project management software, Procore, to help us fill out Job Site Awareness (JSA) forms, do safety audits, make safety observations, complete equipment inspection forms, and more.

These steps help us to achieve an Experience Modification Rating (EMR) that is well below the construction standard. Our EMR is an important piece of the puzzle as it enables us to have lower workers’ compensation premiums and in turn more competitive pricing to our project owners.

We also have been a proud OSHA Partner since 2013.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) entered a partnership with Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) with the overall goal of creating safer job sites. To us, being an OSHA partner means that we are utilizing even more resources in the construction community to improve our safety management system.

We never would have been able to reach an achievement as major as 2 million man hours with no lost time accidents without the help of our incredible team. Our safety director & his committee played a large part, but at the end of the day the responsibility is everybody’s. Thank you to every person who has played a role in this. Stay safe, EBCO!