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At EBCO General Contractor, our diverse construction solutions are tailored to your project's unique needs. With a commitment to precision and innovation, we transform visions into reality through collaborative expertise and a client-centered approach. Partner with us for seamless construction experiences that deliver exceptional results.


At EBCO General Contractor, our expertise extends to multifamily construction, where we excel in creating exceptional residential spaces. With a dedication to precision and innovation, we specialize in crafting multifamily projects that prioritize quality, functionality, and modern living standards.


At EBCO General Contractor, our expertise extends to healthcare construction, where we excel in creating state-of-the-art medical facilities. With a dedication to precision and innovation, we specialize in crafting healthcare spaces that prioritize quality, functionality, and the specific needs of patients and medical professionals.

Public, Education & Government

EBCO General Contractor excels in the realm of education, institutional construction, and government buildings, playing a pivotal role in shaping modern learning, municipal environments and vital community institutions. We understand the unique demands and complexities of such projects, from schools, universities and government buildings to essential community facilities.


At EBCO General Contractor, we specialize in crafting exceptional spaces within the hospitality industry. From luxurious hotels to inviting restaurants and entertainment venues, we bring unparalleled expertise to every hospitality construction project.


At EBCO General Contractor, our expertise extends to the realm of industrial construction. We specialize in creating robust and efficient facilities for diverse industrial sectors, ensuring functionality, safety, and optimal operational environments.

Commercial & Retail

At EBCO General Contractor, we specialize in commercial construction, offering expertise in creating dynamic and functional spaces that drive business success. From office buildings and retail spaces to mixed-use developments, our team is adept at delivering top-tier solutions for diverse commercial projects.


Our Safety

Safety is our top priority at EBCO General Contractor. We are unwavering in our commitment to maintaining a secure work environment. Adhering strictly to industry standards, we implement comprehensive safety protocols and continuous training, fostering a culture where safety is inherent in everything we do. Our goal is to ensure not only compliance but a collective responsibility among our team members to prioritize safety, protecting lives and guaranteeing the successful completion of every project.


EMR Rating

2.5 M

Hours No Lost Time Accident


National Safety Excellence Award
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Client Testimonials

“The thing I value most about EBCO’s exceptional service is the attention to detail. It’s evident to me that delivering an excellent finished product is as important to EBCO as it it to us here at Magnolia. EBCO’s positive attitude, eye for detail, flexibility, integrity, and professionalism makes them a valued member of the Magnolia team, and I’m happy to highly recommend their services.”

John Reierson

Vice President, Magnolia Lodging Development

“EBCO has completed our projects on time, on budget, safely, and with high quality control for the last 21 years. I hold EBCO in the highest regard personally and professionally. I look forward to continuing our long and prosperous relationship together.”

Dwayne Kostiha

VP of Ops Services, Tacala Austin Corporation

“Reflecting on our approximately 20 year relationship with EBCO General Contractor, Ltd. – together we have completed roughly 63 Marriott and Hilton hospitality projects totaling about 4M square feet. These projects have been widely distributed, Texas, Arizona, California, and Washington. Thank you for these years of service. We sincerely value our EBCO relationship and look forward to building more deals with EBCO in the future.”

Michael Mahoney

President, Western International

“We have had positive experiences in working with the EBCO team from ownership to the team in the field who make it happen. They have earned our trust, provided us with high quality construction and have been a dependable and reliable General contractor, this is why we continue to utilize their firm. I extend my strong recommendation for EBCO to any owner or developer seeking a trustworthy, dependable and competent General Contractor for any type of commercial construction.”

Nathan Potter

Chairman & CEO, DW Distribution Inc

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